Air Condition and Heat Pumps

Having appropriate temperature in a room not only helps with comfort, but can be necessary for business operations to function as well. At Southland Electrical & Refrigeration, our qualified team is standing by to help with your heating in Southland.

We’re experienced on working with heating in residences, commercial establishments, and small industrial operations. Whether you need heating installation or repair for the comfort and wellbeing of the people in your home or if heating a requirement for your business, you can trust our experience, qualifications, and service to make sure your heating is taken care of properly.

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Our heating services

Heat pump installation

Heat pump installation

Heat pumps can make an enormous difference not only on the comfort of the people inside but for their wellbeing too. Warmer homes and businesses have been shown to have numerous positive health benefits and reduce the chance of contracting illnesses as well.

Installing heat pumps for a small residence and a large business are very different jobs. Fortunately, our qualified refrigeration experts know just what to do to maximise the effectiveness of heat pumps for any building type.

Heat pump maintenance and upgrades

Heat pump maintenance and upgrades

Along with experience with installing heat pumps, we can do maintenance and repairs as well. Preventative maintenance can also make it less likely that something will go wrong and is highly recommended, especially if proper temperature control is a necessity.

We may also be able to install upgrades on your heat pump. Wifi controllers, for instance, are gaining popularity because they allow you to turn your heat pump off or on from a distance. This means that instead of leaving your unit on all day or trying to align your timer to when you’ll be back home, you can simply turn it on when needed and have your home at the right temperature when you arrive. Ask us about this and other heat pump upgrades.

Why should you use a Master Electrical?

The Electrical Division provides a wide range of electrical installation and maintenance services for new and existing homes, small industrial and commercial buildings, dairy sheds and wintering barns. Our Electricians are members of the Master Electricians group and are a team you can trust.

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